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At Clinical Fashion, we are committed to offering only the best and most one-of-a-kind collection of garments that blend well with your medical attire. This ensures you can look and feel your best as you help patients achieve this same level of satisfaction in their health related care.

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I must admit, this lab coat is not something i would have brought for myself, but i'm glad my wife did. The amount of superlative comments from my co-workers and patients throughout the hospital was unreal. Clinical Fashion did a great job with the craftsmanship of this lab coat. the paradigm shift in professional medical attire might be upon us!



Young Physicians In The Making

Selecting the right attire for work is a delicate balance between professionalism, style,and comfort. Dressing in a comfortable and professional manner can make a significant difference in the overall day’s productivity and output. If one adheres to the old saying of “Dress for the job that you want, and not for the one that you have”, it automatically implies that as professionals, we should dres…

Doctors Making Their Mark - Clinical Fashion

It has been established years back that the colors that we choose to surround ourselves with, greatly determines our mood, energy and finally the delivery of whatever we may be working on or with, as a student or a professional. It is important to understand how changing the color scheme of our clothing can impact life.The relationship was first discussed between by notable German poet, Johann Wol…