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Selecting the right attire for work is a delicate balance between professionalism, style,and comfort. Dressing in a comfortable and professional manner can make a significant difference in the overall day’s productivity and output. If one adheres to the old saying of “Dress for the job that you want, and not for the one that you have”, it automatically implies that as professionals, we should dress as comfortably and professionally as possible, taking into consideration each person’s unique and inherent style. In this context, the question is how can one implement their personal style into professional and comfortable clothing for work which will enable the person to be productive and creative at the same time.

What attire is suitable for the workplace?

With the advent of technology and more relaxed and open workspaces, dressing casually has become widely accepted. In some niche industries, corporate uniforms are assigned to ensure safety, branding, productivity,and equality at the workplace. Most corporate environments will call for formal or semi-formal clothing, for both men and women.

What is clinical attire?

Clinical attire refers to the type of clothing which has simple and sleek cuts, making the dress comfortable, but also professional, and inherent to the wearer’s style. Research has found that people are more productive when they are comfortable. That being said, it is unreasonable to expect ripped denim or sundresses to be normalized at workplaces. Instead, this should prod us in the direction of clothing which is smart, chic, professional, comfortable and in vogue; just what healthcare professionals need in their day-to-day lives.

Clinical attire is less distracting for the person wearing it and also the colleagues-around. A clinical attire allows for one to be professional, and comfortable, boosts self-confidence, which in turn leads to higher productivity. The added benefit of comfort also plays a significant role in increasing the focus and quality of work.

Dressing for one’s work is greatly dependent on the kind of industry that they work in; selecting the right colors also greatly alters the efficiency and productivity of the workplace. Hence, as a healthcare professional, opting for clinical attire is ideal with maintainable comfort levels which are professional and stylish at the same time.